If you are unable to find an answer to your question(s) below, please call our main office at (989) 772-2222.

All of our apartments include: water, sewer, and trash removal. Others utilities included such as free internet service and shuttle service to and from CMU’s campus. Please call your leasing office for specific apartments.

Yes, we offer the option to have your apartment furnished. There is a $50 per month minimum charge, or 2 or more $35 per person. A furnished unit comes with a couch, chair, end tables, a dresser in each bedroom, and a kitchen table and chairs.

No, you cannot break your lease; you will need to find a sub-leaser. Please call one of our leasing offices for more information regarding subleases.

Yes, all we need is the first and last name of the friend, the make, model, color, and license plate number of the car. Western Islands and Main Place are the only complexes that have an exception, as there is limited parking available in those lots.

Yes, all payments can be mailed to: P.O. Box 222, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804-0222. Please, do not mail cash. Please include your complex name and apartment number on your money order or check.  Checks are to be made payable to: United Apartments

Yes, depending upon the circumstances, and if the apartment is ready for move in. Please call your leasing office to see if your apartment is ready for an early move in. A minimum $60 charge applies to all early move-ins.

Yes, for more specific information, please call one of our leasing offices.

Yes, each tenant receives one (1) free parking sticker. You must bring in the vehicle’s registration in order to receive a parking permit. Your registration needs to be registered in either your name or your parent’s name.

No, check with one of our leasing offices for model apartment times and locations.

No, stop in during our office hours and sign a lease. Make sure you allow 30 to 45 minutes for signing and reading the lease. Please have your drivers license with you.

We offer summer leases to our current tenants or tenants that have signed on for the fall. Please call one of our leasing offices for further information.

We offer two different types of leases:

  1. Individual Leases
  2. Joint Leases

Please contact the office for specific details regarding each lease type.

All that is required at signing, is a minimum $50.00 per person. The remaining amount of the housing application and utility fee is due within 14 days after signing the lease. Please take a look at our pricing information for up to date housing application fees and utility fees.

Please refer to Contact Us for specific office hours.

To register your pet, please visit our third party pet screening company at https://www.petscreening.com/ (There is a $25 registration fee.)




If you are caught with an unregistered pet, there is a $1000.00 non-negotiable fee and the pet must be removed from the premises immediately!  If you choose to register your pet after being caught with it illegally there will be an additional charge of $500 to keep your pet only if it meets the criteria below. Tenants with a registered pet are responsible for picking up after them. A $100 fee may be charged if United has to clean up after your pet outside.

***We strongly suggest any apartment with a pet to have Renter’s Insurance***

  • All pets must be pre-approved & registeredNo visiting pets are allowed.
  • Fish (No Charge) –kept in tanks or aquariums up to 20 gallons exception; poisonous or carnivorous fish are not allowed.
  • Birds (No Charge) – any normally caged bird kept as a pet such as a Canary, Parakeet or Finch and must stay in cage and not allowed to fly throughout apartment.
  • Cats – must be common, domestic house cats.
  • Dogs – must not exceed eighty (80) pounds when fully grown. Must also be leashed trained, housebroken, and spayed/neutered.
  • Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rabbits, and Gerbils – in cages only.
  • $50.00 monthly pet FEE (non-refundable) PER PET.
  • $35.00 monthly pet FEE (non-refundable) PER PET for caged animals under (4) pounds.
  • The landlord DOES have the right to refuse any pets.

Prohibited pets at ALL Locations

  • Exotic pets such as snakes, monkeys, or game animals are strictly prohibited.
  • Animals whose primary habitat is the wild (skunk, etc.) are strictly prohibited.
  • Insects of any kind (spiders)
  • Reptiles (except turtles and caged reptiles under (4) pounds

All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

There will be a grace period of 5 days from the day the rent is due for each person. A late charge of $30.00 per person will automatically be charged on the sixth if the rent is not paid on time. This applies to all payment plans. A flat charge of $30.00 will be made for all checks returned from banks plus any late fees that apply.

Renter’s insurance is REQUIRED and covers your personal belongings. Your personal belongings are not covered by United Apartments. Contact your insurance agent for more details or stop by any of our leasing offices to pick up more information. More Renter’s Insurance Info.

We have 1,2,3,4 & 5 bedroom apartments and some houses. We also offer some of our 2 bedroom units for 1 person occupancy, 3 bedroom units for 2 person occupancy, 4 bedroom units for 3 person occupancy, and 5 bedroom units for 4 person occupancy! A few 6 and 7 or more bedroom apartments may be available. Please call one of our leasing offices for more information.

We accept cash, check, money order and debit card payments in all of our leasing offices, and offer several CREDIT CARD PAYMENT options VIA our website at www.livewithunited.com. You can use your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and e-checks. Please note, that there will be a 2.95% convenience fee for all credit cards and a flat $5.95 fee for debit card payments.

You can pick up your keys the day your lease starts, or any time after that date during regular business hours.

Rent is normally due on the first of each month, special circumstances may apply. An individual payment information sheet is provided to all tenants the day the lease is signed.

You’ve chosen United, so you’re off to a great start!

  1. Complete an application on our website by clicking APPLY ONLINE!  Once you submit your application, you will receive correspondence from a staff member!
  2. After being approved, you will have a lease electronically sent to your email based on your preferences and lease dates!  (If you prefer to sign your lease in person, we would love to see your smiling face, too!)
  3. Once you receive the lease, simply review and fill out all the required spots in the convenience of your home! Need help? Our staff would be happy to navigate you through the lease signing process!
  4. After the lease is sent back to us, you will receive access to all the signed documents, emailed a welcome letter and have direct contact with us as your lease date approaches.