Meeting Rooms

Central Michigan University

  • Bovee UC

    Events & Conference Services
    BOVEE UC 206
    (989) 774-7526

Off-Campus – Mt. Pleasant

  • Jameson Park

    (Pickard & Isabella)
    (989) 772-4600

  • Hampton Inn

    5205 E. Pickard

  • Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

    Located on Leaton Rd. East of Mount Pleasant
    Group Sales
    (989) 775-5385

  • Soaring Eagle Waterpark & Hotel

    Located on Pickard near Lonestar Steakhouse
    Sales Coordinator
    (989) 817-4843


*Fees & restrictions apply for some meeting rooms.
** Amenities offered at most locations.



Location Capacity Fee Amenities
Central Michigan University
Park Library 1-40 * *Based on needs
Bovee UC 12+ * *Based on needs
Grawn Hall 6+ * *TV, PC Hookup, WB
Comfort Inn & Conference Center 10+ * *Based on needs
Courtyard Mount Pleasant 10 – 250 * *Based on needs
Union Township
Jameson Hall 10+ * *Kitchen, Table/Chairs
Hampton Inn 10 * *TV, Projector
Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort 20+ * *Based on needs


This publication is for informational purposes ONLY! The distributor is NOT responsible for any fees or associated costs that you may accrue with the rental and/or use of a meeting room by any of the above mentioned facilities. Information in this document was compiled through the use of direct contact with the organizations listed and the distributor of this informational publication is NOT responsible for any changes in information that occur after the use of this publication.

*Fees and restrictions are determined by the meeting room provider. The distributor does NOT establish fee schedule.

**Amenities could include extras such as TV’s, computers, projectors, white boards (WB) & catering. All amenities are determined by meeting room providers and are subject to change.