Do you allow pets?

(All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.)

ABSOLUTELY NO PETS, NO VISITING, NO PET SITTING! The only pets allowed on the premises at no charge are fish and small birds such as a canary or parakeet, anything larger is NOT ALLOWED. Fish tanks can only hold a maximum of 20 gallons.
All other pets are forbidden on the property inside or outside. There will be a charge of $1,000 per pet, per incident, as stated in your lease agreement for any violation of this policy. You may be faced with eviction, except for those registered legally with the office. Please see the list below where it shows the properties where we do allow pets as long as they are registered legally with the office.Pets must be approved by your leasing office and registered BEFORE the pet is brought onto the premises. The pet agreement must be signed by all tenants signed on the lease. Tenants with a registered pet are responsible for picking up after them. A $100 fee may be charged if United has to do the clean up.

Colony West, Deerfield Village, Jamestown (Buildings AA-XX ONLY), Union Square, WestPoint Village & Yorkshire Commons
*** We strongly suggest any apartment with a pet have RENTERS INSURANCE***

Prohibited Pets at all locations:

All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.